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The KWORCC annual meeting will be held Tuesday, November 12, 2019 beginning 5:30p.m., at the KAC annual conference.


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The Workers' Compensation Solution for Kansas Counties

Owned by, Directed by and Dedicated to its Member Counties


What is KWORCC?

What coverage is provided?

KWORCC is a Kansas Organization specializing in Workers' Compensation coverage, including:

Who can be a Member?

Any Kansas County or agency, institution or instrumentality thereof who wants a quality, long-term solution to their Workers' Compensation insurance needs, who is interested in safety and loss prevention and who wants responsive service from people it knows, can become a member of KWORCC.


What about service?

KWORCC is proud of our quality service team, selected by the trustees with your interests in mind. KWORCC has chosen a dedicated staff, which reports directly to your Board of Trustees, to manage all aspects of KWORCC, including:

Brandon Mann, Loss Prevention Specialist

Safety and Loss Prevention - KWORCC membership automatically includes dedicated support for your Safety and Loss Prevention needs, including:

For more information about Loss Prevention Services, click here.

KWORCC Online Training




Claims Services - TRISTAR Risk Management - Your TRISTAR Staff includes: Amanda Chamberland, Claims Adjuster; Andrea Neff, Medical Only Claims Adjuster; Jess Cornejo, Risk Manager; and Paul Davis, Brokerage and Consulting. Services include:

Amanda Chamberland 

Submit your claim online:


Medical Services - As a member of KWORCC, you and your employees have automatic access, at your choice, to Alaris, an occupational case assistance service, which includes:

And best of all, the Members of KWORCC own and control the entire program, and all underwriting and investment profits accrue to the participating members of KWORCC.


To become a Member of KWORCC, contact us!