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KWORCC Trustees

Sandy Barton

Sandy Barton has worked for Stanton County since 1987, beginning with 13 years in the Treasurer’s office. She started in Clerk’s office in 2000 and became County Clerk in 2008. She has two married daughters and 2 very active grandsons. She enjoys reading, watching movies, cross stitching and gardening. She was elected to the Board in 2015

Linda ButtronLinda Buttron has served on the KWORCC Board since 2000. She currently holds the office of County Clerk and Election Officer for Jefferson County. She has served as County Clerk since 2000 but has worn many hats around the County, including tax clerk, appraiser’s office, road and bridge and information technology director. Linda has two grown children and a granddaughter. She and her husband own a farm in the northern part of the County. Linda believes in serving her constituents by "Doing the right thing" and "Doing more than is expected."

Gary CaspersGary Caspers is a lifelong resident of Kansas. He moved to Concordia in 1989 and was recently elected to his third term as Cloud County Commissioner. He is married, and he and his wife Sheila have two children and two grand children. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys reading and studying American history, especially the old west and civil war eras. Gary joined the KWORCC Board in 2013.

Steve GartenDr. Steve Garten has been Barber County Commissioner since September of 2000 when he filled out an unexpired term. He is a native of Barber County, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and retired from the air force in 1995. Steve has been on the KWORCC Board since January 2011. He is married to Beverly and they have four adult children. Fishing is his favorite hobby. 

Michelle GarrettMichelle Garrett is a career employee in the Morris County Clerk’s office with four years as deputy, and over 35 years as county clerk. Michelle has been a member of the KWORCC Board of Trustees since January, 2003, and is proud to be a part of a group that is for and about Kansas counties. Michelle enjoys her young granddaughter, Kaylani Kay, college basketball and Wysocki jigsaw puzzles.

Stan McEvoy

Stan McEvoy was born in Oberlin, KS and raised on a small farm in Rawlins County of Northwest Kansas where he learned the meaning of hard work and dedication. He served eight years on the Oberlin City Council, four years as Council President, before running and being elected Decatur County Commissioner in 2006. Stan is chairman of the Decatur County Commission. He joined the KWORCC Board in 2013.

Rob RobertsRob Roberts has been a Miami County Commissioner since 2008 and has served on many local boards over the years. He is currently the Chief elected official for Southeast Kansas Works and is also a member of the Kansas Works State Board, Mid America Regional Council board of directors and a KAC board member and was a former chairman of the Kansas County Commissioner Association. Rob and his wife Marilyn have one daughter and three grandchildren.  He was elected to represent the Southeast District on the KWORCC Board of Trustees at the KWORCC 2015 Annual Meeting.



KWORCC Officers - 2018

President: Michelle Garrett

Vice-President: Sandy Barton

Secretary: Rob Roberts

Controller: Linda M. Buttron




KWORCC Committees - 2018


Personnel Committee:

 Steven Garten, Chair

Michelle Garrett

Stan McEvoy


Investment Committee:

Gary Caspers, Chair

Sandy Barton

Rob Roberts


Audit Committee:

Stan McEvoy, Chair

Sandy Barton

Linda Buttron



Joint KWORCC/KCAMP Committee on Cooperation:

Michelle Garrett, Chair

Linda Buttron

Steven Garten