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Online Claims Reporting

Click  the link above to report a claim. Once on the TRISTAR page, click on report a claim. A new window will open with a dropdown menu to report a Kansas Workers’ Compensation claim. That will take you to the online form that you will complete and then submit.

For assistance with on-the-job injuries, contact TRISTAR Risk Management:  1-844-702-2353 Ext. 4713

 Questions on claims should be directed to Amanda Chamberland, as follows:

Amanda Chamberland
TRISTAR Risk Management
Office: 844-702-2353 Ext. 4713
Fax: 844-702-2354

 All Correspondence, bills or other documentation for your claims can be mailed to Amanda’s attention:

Amanda Chamberland
TRISTAR Risk Management
PO Box 2805
Clinton, IA 52733-2805

Forms for Injured Workers

In the alternative, any off-work slips, wage info, medical bills, notes, etc. can be forwarded to this email is monitored throughout each business day and any documents received will be uploaded into TRISTAR's claim system for review and action by the Claims Examiner assigned to the claim.

Medical bill status questions:  1-877-287-4782