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Kansas Workers Risk Cooperative for Counties is pleased to announce that we have established an EMS grant program in coordination with Stryker.  Funds will be distributed in a 50/50 grant with KWORCC providing 50% but not more than $10,000.  This includes the discount of the negotiated pricing and payment made by KWORCC (off list price).    

Grant applications may be downloaded by clicking here.  The deadline for grant applications will be July 31, 2019 and applicants will be notified of their receipt or non-receipt of awards by September 1st.  

All applications will be reviewed by KWORCC Trustees and Staff.  Funds will be awarded based the selection criteria found on the grant application information page.   

The grants are for the purchase of either of the following:

·        1 Stryker Power-Pro XT

·        1 Stryker Stair-Pro

·        1 Power-Load Cot Fastener System

Grants will not be awarded for pre-purchased equipment or from pre-dated invoices.